Hw- April 5

Hw- April 5

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  1. Van’s definition of conspiracy theories states in his article that “ A conspiracy theory is the suspicion that a group of actors have joined together in secret to plan evil attacks.” (Page 2-3 para. 6) This definition is very correlated with Merlans definition as they both state how it is perceived to be a group who is secretly trying to harm people.
  2. Prooijin’s and Mark describe the origins of conspiracies by explaining how they are caused by lethal conflict operated by an opposing group. For instance, in the article they explain how if a group is threatening another group’s livelihood and land, the group being oppressed will judge the group and assume that they are here to do harm to their people. They also describe how if a member dies in their tribe without a specific reason or cause known, they will automatically believe it was their rival group who executed their member based off of their past accounts with that group.
  3. The mismatch he is explaining refers to the development of human society in today’s age versus 1200 years ago. What he means by that is back then if groups felt uneasy or suspicious about another group they would either fall back or attack them. Nowadays, it is not as popular to react the way people used to. Instead, people tend to not use violence because of laws and norms but instead hold grudges upon their experiences, not only that but want to sabotage their success after creating theories about a group. Also, now it is not just groups of tribes that are just trying to survive it can happen between many different forms of people. For example, the author describes how certain company’s or medics can develop a theory such as harmful treatments doctors use when patients are looking for help. 
  4. When understanding Pooijin’s argument about the old way of handling conflict between two groups it brings our understanding that it is okay to be suspicious of a group that intentions seem harmful to your people. And sometimes, violence is the best way to go about it because if you don’t act aggressively when a group tries to take over yours, you will not be able to live to see another day. But, if you do take precautions and stand up for your group and people it puts an effect on the enforcing group that is trying to do the wrong in the situation.

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  1. I have the same kinds of comments for this post as for the last one.
    In addition, I think your last two answers could do a better job conveying van Prooijen’s argument by focusing in on 1) what makes our global society different from the tribal ones of 12,000 years ago, and focusing more directly on the role CT plays for extremist and populist groups.

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