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There have been many protests and ways people choose to express their beliefs and issues. In the NFL, there have been national anthem protests that have affected the fan base. So, I believe une should create different alternatives to minimize negative effects amongst the school in general. After analyzing all aspects of this topic, I have made the list of guidelines for all athletes to follow:

  • All athletes are allowed do raise a fist during the national anthem 
  • All sports during Black History Month shall play the Black National Anthem before the traditional national anthem
  • All athletes must stand during the pregame ceremonies
  • If rallies were to be held, they must be peaceful 
  • One shall not promote police retaliation

If one were to go against this policy it will result in fines or even suspension. The reason why we shouldn’t break these rules is because there are factors that come into play amongst the student body, community, and future students. The reason why I believe that we should be careful when talking about police brutality during a speech or rally is because the speech may persuade the audience to think people should rebel against the police. Also, for someone like myself who is a son of a retired police officer, I can let you know that not all police officers are racist, or killers. My father has received two  life saving awards that were more than helpful and brave and to hear the claim of all police officers are bad people, it doesn’t sit right in my stomach. I understand when it comes to people getting killed for an unqualified reason, is truly unfair and horrible. But at the same time, there are different police officers who actually care about everyone’s safety no matter what colored skin they are. Let’s just say, I was visiting a school and there was a presentation going on about police brutality. The speaker ends up turning the presentation into a violent message towards the police, I would most likely end up not going to the school just because I maybe wouldn’t want to be going to a school that believes and promotes such a thing. Staying away from disrespectful language towards the issue would ultimately end up minimizing the impact upon the education system and the student bodies now and into the future. Next, with the other recommendations about the ceremonies I believe, as a consultant that these strategic ways to help deliver the same message without any overly opposing views to upset another belief. 

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