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In recent years, sports have had a few important protests that have affected many Americans in different ways. In the NFL, players have knelt during the national anthem to signify their want of justice for the injustice African American individuals have dealt with or faced today. Some are all for it, and some believe it is all a disrespectful act upon our country and veterans. Author David Leonhardt wrote an article called,” The Choice Between Kneeling and Winning.” He, Leonhardt, described his view upon the protests and gives his advice for the athletes promoting their cause. According to his view as a social norm in America, standing is a sign of respect, so when people do not stand for something that we typically or should stand for respect, sparks a fire in american citizens. But David supports the athletes in their ways of protest and believe they have every right to speak out.” The athletes are right- and have every right to protest as they have. Trump is wrong, about the scourge of police violence and about freedom of speech.”( Paragraph 9) From the injustice viewed to be in complete control by the president David supports the athletes because of the effect it is putting on everyone. He realizes the target audience but he also claims that the reason why people are getting so frustrated with this act because they feel it is disrespecting the country as a whole which David knows that is not what the athletes are trying to send out. Personally I agree with David and the athletes speaking about what they believe is wrong but David also says,” The protests can still be aggressive.”(Paragraph 17) This on the other hand, is something I don’t fully support. I understand the frustration of the athletes and their need to speak their message for a better cause which I am for in this country. But when you have athletes protesting violently it can cause many fownfalls to their careers and the sport they play in as a whole. Either way David Leonhardt supports the athletes and knows what they are protesting against and believes they should do it regardless of what the president says.

There have been more voices shared upon this event going on in our country. Author Ta-Nehisi Coates adds onto Davids arguments and gives their feedback with their opinion in,” Civil-Rights Protests Have Never Been Popular.”. Coates explains how Leonhardt looks about the  way of protesting is not the best way to effect their target audience and beyond. “Implicit in Leonhardt’s critique is the idea that Martin Luther King and other civil-rights pioneers, and their protests, were better able to appeal to the hearts of white Americans than Kaepernick and his allies.” ( Paragraph 6) He is adding onto what Davids beliefs are about the protests now compared to the civil rights movement. He believes the ways of MLK touched the hearts of whiteAmericans which was how everything shifted the way MLK wanted them to. Coates adds to what he perhaps will affect real change in our country. In the article he explains the real point behind the protests and how it can really affect our country. He believes if the protesters show shame for our country in front of everyone for the injustice that has been taken place he believes it will reach the hearts of the children in the country. This is to be claimed as the most effective way these protest will change the pursued meaning of America to be truly equal and free.

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