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Pro athletes are some of the most inspirational, powerful, and loved people in the United States. They are constantly on television playing their sport but sometimes in advertisements, shows, commercials to persuade the viewer,  or just to show them for extra ratings. Ultimately, these people have a big spotlight on them with many, many people behind them. In recent years athletes have taken part in speaking out over a political issue or idea they feel is right. Some of the issues athletes have addressed have been about racism with authorities and harrasment of the LGBTQ in America. I’ve read a few articles describing and supporting the athletes statements. One of them called,” Texas Bill Could Subject Transgender Athletes to Bullying. Assault” talk about the abuse and authority of trans women have received in texas.” If this bill passes, trans people could be forced to use a locker room that is inconsistent with their gender identity.”( Paragraph 5)  When author Britney Griner displays about the bill in Texas this clarifies some of the effects this bill will cause on trans athletes such as false identified locker rooms. In addition to athletes speaking of their own experiences with disrespect of the LGBTQ community, athletes are also speaking out about racism with the law and authorities in their area. Colin Kaepernick emphasized his stance about police brutality in the NFL by kneeling during the national anthem. He recently started a new program called the “ I Know My Rights Camp” for children who live in lower class areas. The program is to help inform these children with challenges Colin claims they face everyday. “Mainly focusing on the history of policing, and what their rights are currently.”( Paragraph 13) Colins program is very much of informing these children with his strategies of learning how to “de-escalate those situations”(Paragraph 12) between them and police officers. This may be a great program for children for them to learn their rights and how to talk to officers because many of the causes of violence with a police officer begins with the civilian not cooperating correctly with the officer. If Colin is informing these children to understand their rights and to talk with authorities politely and in the right manor I believe this could help some of the problems he wants to fix in the country. One thing I don’t agree with athletes speaking out about government officials and authorities are when they categorize the whole population of the police officers and authorities to be the bad people which could cause more tensions and hopefully not, violence.

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