Learning Outcome #2

Learning Outcome #2

During the process of writing over the semester, I have developed a few habits that I use frequently. When prewriting, I would usually write important facts or claims that would be good to write about for my topic. Or, If the paper wasn’t about an article then I would write whatever comes to mind about the main idea and topic I’m attempting to write about. Next, the way I drafted my papers is by thinking about the main ideas and evidence I have written or read. This semester, This was proven to help kickstart my papers when I was ready to write them. When prewriting, I would organize the order of details I would want to explain to make an effort of organizing my paper. Which I believe, makes them stronger.

Revising and editing, these two steps were the most difficult for me in the writing process. Although spelling errors are easy to correct, rearranging sentences, fixing grammar, and organization were my weaknesses. Why? It was because once I was finished writing the paper, I would tend to only gaze over the paper when revising and editing which only allowed me to pick up the obvious rather than other in depth errors. This hurt some of my papers because when looking back on earlier assignments in the year, I would see comments from my professor talking about my structure and needed or unnecessary sentences. Later in the semester, I believe I improved my habits in editing and revising. I would do these processes during my SASC class sessions. This was a major help when writing papers. It helped me be able to see and focus on the right things when writing and to make sure I include the things I need to or organize the paper to make it more effective and smooth.

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